Follow the instructions in this section to install sofia from scratch or if you are migrating from Vision.

Sofia’s location engine is vastly improved, and the streamlined interface offers a superior user experience. AiRISTA encourages all partners and customers who currently use Vision to migrate to sofia for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

To preserve your previous Vision work, the migration process allows you to import your calibrated models and zones into sofia.

There are four parts to facilitate a sofia installation:

Watch a Video

In addition to the articles in our Help Center, you may also watch a video that walks you through the sofia installation process:


  • After completing installation, refer to Getting Started with Sofia to deploy the RTLS for your organization. Getting Started covers everything from adding users to assigning tags to persons and assets, rule creation, and event management.
  • To view the installation instructions as a PDF document, click the link below.
  • fdfdfd
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