Create Your Server's Profile and Request Your Licenses


Later, while installing sofia, the system will ask you to upload the requisite licenses. The licenses are based on the hardware and software profile of the target server. To get the profile to AiRISTA, you must run a simple app, XpertLicenseInfo, and forward the resulting file. AiRISTA will then generate and return your  licenses.


Ensure that the server where you plan to install sofia meets the conditions outlined in Sofia Server, Network, and Software Requirements.

  Watch a Video

This video segment shows how to complete the steps in this procedure. 


  1. Download the file XpertLicenseInfo app to your server. (Use the link at the bottom of this article.)
  2. Double-click XpertLicenseInfo to display the AiRISTA LICENSE INFO APP window. Then click Generate License Info.


    The app verifies your server configuration and identity to generate a unique license profile. In a few seconds, the app shows a completion window:


  3. Click OK to dismiss the window. Then locate XpertLicenseInfo.LIC in the server and forward it to your sales rep at AiRISTA.

    AiRISTA will send you back two or three licenses files, based on whether you're installing fresh or migrating from Vision, respectively. 

    For either migration or a fresh install, you will get these two license files, which you will need in Part II:
    • XpertLicenseV6.LIC – the AiRISTA license to support the sofia location engine.
    • SofiaLic.txt – the license to authenticate Windows services for sofia.

    If you are migrating from Vision, you get a third file for the AiRISTA RTLS Controller (ARC, for short). You will need this license in Part III. The file name is a composite of your company name, the number of devices you’ll be using, the year the licenses expire, and whether you are working with an AiRISTA reseller or with AiRISTA directly. For example:


  4. Place the license files AiRISTA sent you in a known location in your server so you can upload them later.
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