Task 3: Upload the RTLS Controller License

At the conclusion of Task 2, you had installed the Sofia RTLS Controller. In this task you get to add the RTLS Controller license. (This is one of the three licenses AiRISTA gives you upon receipt of your license profile. See Part I: Get Your Sofia and Subscription Licenses.)


 Watch a Video

This video segment shows how to complete the steps in this procedure. 


  1. Click Login and provide the RTLS Controller username and password. By default, these are both set to admin.

  2. At the System tab, click the Licenses link near the bottom left of the screen to display the License Summary screen.

  3. Click Choose File and navigate to the location where you stored the RTLS Controller license file, select it, and then click UPLOAD to display its properties in the License Summary section.

    For example:

  4. Return to the Sofia Configuration screen.

    Note that now both the ARC Database and Controller are both installed.

  5. If you’re upgrading from Vision, continue to Migrate Your Map from Vision. But for a clean sofia installation, continue to Task 4: Add Your Map Into Sofia (for clean installs)


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