Migrate Your Map from Vision

If you’re migrating from Vision, this part shows you how to move your maps to sofia.


After adding the RTLS Controller license (step 4 in Part II), the Configuration Utility shows that the sofia ARC Database and Controller are both installed.


This part is about bringing the model you calibrated with Vision, complete with designated zones into sofia.


This part is for teams who are moving from Vision to sofia. (Clean sofia installations get their maps at the end of Part II.)

 Watch a Video

This video segment shows how to complete the steps in this procedure. 


  1. Click Migrate ARC Maps to Sofia in the Sofia ARC Maps box to display the ARC Map Migration window.

  2. Complete the window as follows. Then click Confirm Migration.
    • Source IP and Source Port: The source IP and port of the original Vision installation.
    • Destination IP and Port: The IP and port of your new sofia installation.


      If confirm migration fails, verify and correct the source port as follows:
      1. In the server where the Vision ARC Controller is installed, navigate to C:\Program Files\AiRISTA\AiRISTA Flow RTLS Controller\bin and run configutil.
      2. At the Configuration Utility window, select Global Server Settings and click Apply. You can then verify the source port in the API and Admin UI (TCP) field.


      3. Use the value in the ARC Map Migration window at the Source Port field.
    After confirming migration, the ARC Setup tab shows the three ARC section statuses as INSTALLED, INSTALLED, and READY, respectively.

  3. Click Next to display the Review & Install tab.

  4. Click on each Selected Configuration to verify the installation settings. Then click Install to complete sofia configuration.

    At the conclusion of the installation, the Configuration Utility displays the last screen with the single Finish button.

  5. Click Finish.

    The sofia login screen will be displayed next in a browser tab.



    If the sofia login screen doesn’t open automatically, open it manually by specifying its IP (as you entered it in step 5 of Part I: Get Your Licenses and Configure the Server) and append :82 at the end.
  6. Enter your username and password and click Login.


    These are the credentials you specified in step 8 of Part I for the Account Setup tab. The fields in question were Contact Email and Contact Password.

    Sofia displays its home screen, showing your location tracking subscriptions as dark blue tiles. The white tiles are meant for sofia configuration across subscriptions. For example:

  7. Click Maps to verify that the map you migrated is available in sofia.

    Sofia displays the newly migrated map. For example:


This concludes sofia installation. Getting Started with Sofia will pick up with reviewing your model and adding zones, assigning tags to assets and persons, creating groups and departments, formulating rules, and carrying out meaningful location and tracking work.



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