Open Port Requirements for Sofia in the Cloud

These ports are required to be opened to outbound connections to the cloud-based servers for users and hardware to be able to communicate with the Sofia Application Suite, which includes Hospitality, Contact Tracing, and Staff Safety subscriptions.

Source Port Protocol Device Type
go 80/443 HTTP/S UVS Web Application
User 82/83 (secure) HTTP/S Staff Safety Portal
User 82/83 (secure) HTTP/S Social Distance/Contact Tracing Portal Dashboards
User/Server 2012, 2013 (secure) TCP Updates to Web Clients/Integrations/Real Time Streaming
Tag 8550, 8660 TCP Tag Firmware Updates
Tag 8552 UDP Tag Location Updates
Tag 8553 UDP Tag Maintenance
Software 24099 TCP AiRISTA RTLS Model Acceptor
Hardware 24200 TCP WGU/PSU BLE messages


Set UDP/TCP ports to OPEN to send and receive communications.

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