The Main Menu and Other Homepage Functions



  1. Main Menu – Click the AiRISTA logo (or sofia) to display the main menu, from which you can navigate to any subscription or configuration utility.

  2. Search – Find any asset or person and their related subscription and associations with devices and groups and departments.
  3. Signed In Account – Shows the email address of the currently signed in user. Use the drop-down to edit your account and to log out from sofia.

  4. Active Events – When there is a number next to the alarm bell icon, sofia is notifying you that the conditions you specified in the rules have been met for a device to register an event. The drop-down allows you to view the list of outstanding events and calls special attention to the most recent one. For example:

  5. Language Selector – Click the flag to display a drop-down of available languages for the sofia interface.

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