Introduction to Adding Sofia Users

There are several ways to add users. For instance, you can import them from a spreadsheet template—which is particularly useful for large numbers. For brevity, this procedure covers adding single users at a time within a subscription. The users you add this way are limited to working within the subscription in question.

While adding users, you may assign them a role as described below:

Role Description
Administrator Has full visibility and edit rights to every sofia function. This person is responsible for adding new users and generally managing sofia.
Manager Has access to all functions, except adding users, creating rules, or modifying floorplans.
Viewer Has viewing rights to everything a manager can see. But viewers may not edit any information. They can, however, export Devices, Infrastructure, and Staff data.
Tag Assigner Assigns tags to assets and persons.
RTLS Manager

Deploys infrastructure to floorplans.


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