This Part covers how to set up your floorplan, where you will eventually deploy infrastructure (gateways and beacons) to send and receive signals from the devices you plan to assign to assets and/or people for tracking and workflow automation.


At the completion of the installation section, you wound up with a map that you either migrated from Vision or uploaded to a new sofia installation. However, if you’re a new sofia client in the Cloud, then you must first add the floorplan.

As a reminder, sofia uses the following hierarchy to organize any floorplans for your account: 



  • If you’re a new client using sofia in the Cloud, then you must first add the floorplan as outlined in Task 1, below.
  • If you migrated from Vision or installed sofia from scratch, you should already have your floorplan in place as outlined in Migrating Your Map from Vision.
  • If you already have your floorplan in place, start with Part IV: Add Infrastructure

Setting up a floorplan involves two tasks:

Later, in Part IV, you will add the gateways and beacons (infrastructure) that communicate with the tags (devices) for location and tracking.

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