This procedure shows you how to add infrastructure to your floorplan.


Infrastructure refers to the pieces of hardware (or elements), such as beacons and gateways, that are strategically deployed at your location. The elements send and receive signals to the devices (or tags) that you distribute to your staff or affix to physical assets.

Before adding the infrastructure, however, we will create an infrastructure group that will include two BGU elements. Infrastructure groups allow us to create any number of configurations and apply any one of them to all its members simultaneously.


You should have set up your floorplan with zones and zone groups as outlined in Task 2: Add Zones to Your Floorplan.

For a demonstration example, we will add BGUs (Beaconing Gateway Units) proximity sensing units, to each of the meeting rooms (Saturn and Jupiter) that we designated as zones earlier in Task 2: Add Zones to Your Floorplan.

There are two sets of steps in this task:

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