Adding Infrastructure to Your Floorplan

This procedure uses an example to show you how to add infrastructure elements to your floorplan.


  1. Create an infrastructure group.

    1. Select sofia > Infrastructures to display the Infrastructure screen.

    2. At the Groups tab, select Add Group from the Additional Options drop-down to display the Create Group panel.

    3. Enter a descriptive name for the infrastructure group and click Save. For example, BGUs in Meeting Rooms.

      Sofia displays the newly created infrastructure group in the Groups tab.

  2. Create a configuration for the new infrastructure group.

    1. At the Configuration tab, select New Configuration from the drop-down to display the Create Configuration panel.

    2. Complete the panel as follows:

      Field Descriptions
      Configuration Details
      Infrastructure Model

      From the drop-down, select BGU as the infrastructure model (hardware) to which the configuration will apply.


      • Name
      • Description

      Enter a name and description, so you can later distinguish this configuration from others. In our example, we’re naming and describing the configuration as Config 1 for BGUs.


      Generic Settings
      • Report interval time
      • Minimum RSSI
      • RSSI Offset
      • Multiplier

      These are the fields where you would normally change the settings to suit the location tracking requirements for the infrastructure group. For our example, we simply want to point them out.


      BLE Beacon Settings
      • BLE Tx Power
      • Beacon Frequency

      These are the fields where you would normally change the BLE beacon settings to suit the location tracking requirements for the infrastructure group. For our example, we simply want to point them out.


    3. Click 4 Done and then Submit to complete the infrastructure configuration settings.


      Sofia dismisses the Create Configuration panel and displays the newly created configuration in the table.

  3. Apply the new infrastructure configuration to the infrastructure group we created in step 1.

    1. At the Settings tab, select the infrastructure group to receive the configuration. In our case, it is the group BGUs in Meeting Rooms.

    2. Click Edit Configurations to display the Edit Infrastructure Configs panel. Then select Config 1 for BGUs in the drop-down for BGU Configuration.

    3. Click Done and Submit.


      Sofia displays the Infrastructure screen indicating the newly assigned configuration to the infrastructure group BGUs in Meeting Rooms.

  4. Select sofia > Maps and expand the floorplan for the building of interest. Then click the Infrastructure tab on the panel on the right.


  5. Select Add Infrastructure from the Additional Options drop-down (the kabob icon).

    Note the prompt above the map on the left panel:


  6. Click the spot in the zone in which you wish to place the infrastructure element.


    Place the element as close as possible as its actual physical location in the room. Preferably right in the center.

    Sofia places a signal icon in the zone and displays the Add Infrastructure panel on the right side.


  7. Complete the Add Infrastructure panel as follows:

    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the infrastructure element. It’s a good practice to use a name that describes the hardware in relation to its area or room. In our case, we name it BGU Saturn.
    MAC Address Normally you would get the MAC address from the hardware itself or use a bar code reader to enter it. For our example, we entered the faux MAC address CB:64:6B:00:00:01.
    Type Select the hardware type from the drop-down. Our example uses BGU.

    Select the infrastructure group you created in step 1. (You also created and applied a configuration to the group.)

    For the example, we select BGUs in Meeting Rooms.

  8. Click Add to complete the Infrastructure panel.

    The split screen now shows the newly added infrastructure element.


  9. Add a second infrastructure element to the zone you designated for the Jupiter meeting room.

    Name the second element BGU Jupiter and use a MAC address of C4:CB:6B:00:00:02. When you are done with the second infrastructure element, the Infrastructure tab will show the two elements. 



If necessary, for optimal tracking, you may need to adjust the position of your infrastructure elements after you initially set them up. If this is the case, follow the steps in Moving Infrastructure.

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