Follow this procedure to assign devices (tags) to assets (persons, material goods, equipment, tools, and so on).


  • There are several ways to assign devices to assets or persons. For instance, you can add a device directly into a subscription and assign it to a newly created asset or person.
  • This procedure covers the import-device-from-file approach at sofia’s root level. Later, you may deploy them and assign them within your subscriptions.
  • It is possible to assign multiple devices to persons and assets. For example, a person may use a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wi-Fi device such as the B4n for indoor tracking. The same person could wear a GPS device for outdoor coverage.
  • See Hardware for more information on devices.


In Adding Infrastructure to Your Floorplan, you added and configured infrastructure elements to your floorplan. These elements send and receive signals to and from RTLS devices (tags), which you  attach to human and material assets in your organization. Assigning devices to assets involves three tasks:


  • You should have received the number of devices you plan to use. (AiRISTA also includes a spreadsheet with the MAC addresses.)
  • Tags can be broken down into three categories, depending on their intended use:
    • Asset tags - Meant for use with physical goods or equipment.
    • Personnel tags - Meant for use by people.
    • Dual purpose tags - Suitable for applications involving either people or physical goods. 
  • Before deploying your devices, be sure to activate them as specified in the user guide for each device.
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