Task 2: Create and Assign a Configuration for the Devices

Follow this procedure to create a configuration for the devices you imported in Task 1.


A configuration controls the behavior of the device and how it responds to various conditions. For instance, the configuration may tell the devices to generate an event after the asset to which a device is attached stops moving. This procedure shows how to set up configurations in general. An upcoming article will discuss device configurations in detail.


  1. Navigate to sofia > Devices and select Configurations.

    Sofia displays a blank list because you haven’t yet created any configurations.

  2. Select Create Configuration from the Additional Options drop-down to display the Create Configuration panel.

  3. Complete 1 Configuration Details by:
    • Selecting the device model to which you intend to apply the configuration after you’re finished setting it up. In our example, the devices we imported were all A3s. So we select A3.
    • Assigning a name to the configuration. In our case, we identify it as A3 Config 1.
    • Entering a suitable description. For instance, Motion stop for ambulatory equipment.
  4. Click Next to expand 2 Generic Settings.

  5. Update the following parameters:
    • Report interval time – Typically 10, 15, or 30 minutes
      This setting causes the device to signal sofia at the interval specified. Because we plan to assign this asset to an asset that is stationary much of the time, it isn’t necessary to update its location as frequently as other more mobile assets.
    • Maintenance Interval time –24 or 48 hours
      This interval is adequate for the maintenance schedule and to conserve device battery.
  6. Click Next to expand 3 Messaging Settings.

    Because we are using A3 devices for our devices (tags meant for material goods, or assets), the Messaging Settings contains no parameters to set up.

  7. Click Next to expand 4 Motion Settings.

  8. Change Sensor Mode to After motion only to cause the new parameter Motion stop timeout to display.


    We’re telling the device to let us know when it has stopped moving.
  9. Change the Motion stop timeout to 5 minutes.

    This setting ensures the asset has stopped moving for at least five minutes before the device creates the event.
  10. Click Next and skip 5 BLE Beacon Settings and 6 BLE Scanning Settings.
  11. Click 7 Done and select Submit.


    Sofia displays the newly created configuration in the Devices screen.

  12. Back in the Devices tab, choose the A3 devices to which you wish to apply the configuration and click Select Configuration. Then click the configuration you want.

    In our case, there is a single configuration we can select, namely A3 Config 1.


    After selecting the configuration, sofia prompts you for verification.


  13. Click Confirm.

    The Devices screen now shows that the devices are now configured with A3 Config 1.


    Note that the Configuration column shows an indicator to notify you that the configuration is pending.
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