Task 3: Add Assets and Assign Devices

Use this procedure to add assets and assign them their respective devices.

In our example, we are adding laptops as assets to track in an office setting. We will use the groups Saturn Laptops and Jupiter Laptops to distinguish where the laptops are used. We would also like to track the laptops by the department for which they’re meant, Engineering in this case.


  • You may add users, infrastructure, and devices at sofia’s root level. But you can add the assets and/or persons that you intend to track and manage only at the subscription (use case) level.
  • You may add assets and assign them devices individually or in groups. For brevity, this procedure covers the import-assets-from-file approach.


  • You should have a list of the assets to which you plan to affix a device.
  • If you intend to have sets of your assets for organizational, functional, and departmental purposes, think about what group and department labels are adequate.


  1. Click Asset Tracking from the homepage to display the Home screen.

  2. Select Assets > Additional Options (the kebab icon) > Import Asset from File to display the Import Assets panel.

  3. Click Template to download AssetsImportTemplate.csv. Then open it.

    The template contains a dummy record that serves as model for your own asset entries.



    It is possible to import assets and assign them to a group, department, and a device using the AssetImportTemplate file. For our example, we will assign all four assets to the same department. But because two of these laptops are meant for a different meeting room, we will identify the room in the Group field as either Saturn Laptops or Jupiter Laptops.

  4. Delete line 2 (the dummy record) from the template. Then enter your assets, groups, asset IDs, and departments as follows. Then save the file with a suitable name.

  5. Back in the Assets screen, click Browse and select the assets file you saved. For example:

  6. Click Submit to accept the new assets and display them in the Assets screen.

    The Import Assets panel shows the status of the import.

  7. Click the Assets screen (outside the panel) to dismiss the panel and view the newly imported assets.

  8. Assign the devices that you imported in Task 1 to each asset individually.

    1. Click the checkbox for the first asset and select the Device Management to display the panel where you can assign a device to the asset.

    2. From the list at the bottom of the panel, click the desired device and select Assign Device.


      Sofia displays the Assets screen again. But this time, it shows that the first asset has an associated device now.

    3. Continue assigning devices to the remaining assets as shown in steps A and B above.

When you are finished assigning devices to your assets, the Assets screens would show every asset and its corresponding device. For example:

All Devices Assigned to Laptops.png


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