AiRISTA's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware offerings are designed to work harmoniously with the sofia RTLS platform and with each other. This section gives you essential information to get to know, configure, and operate your hardware.

AiRISTA's RTLS hardware is broken down into two general categories:

  • Infrastructure - The hardware that bridges communications between your network, sofia, and the devices (the tags) that are attached to assets or that personnel wear to enable location and tracking. Examples of infrastructure hardware include:
    • Angle of Arrival Gateway
    • Proximity Sensing Unit
    • Wi-Fi/BLE Gateway
    • Locator Beacon
  • Devices - Also known as tags, devices are the electronic components that persons carry or wear or that attach to physical assets. There is also a set of devices that can be used by both persons and with material assets. Devices send and receive signals to communicate with the infrastructure. Depending on their purpose, tags are available in a variety of shapes and construction materials.

    Asset tags:
    • A4, 2-Button Asset Tag
    • A7, Low-cost BLE Asset Tag 
    Personnel tags:
    • W4n, Advanced Wristband Tag 
    • B4n, Advanced Display Tag 
    • B3, Wi-Fi/BLE Tag 
    Asset/Personnel Tags (Dual Purpose):
    • A1, BLE Tag
    • A3, 1-Button Tag 
    Temperature-capable asset tags:
    • A3, 1-Button, Temperature Sensor and Probe
    • B4n, Wi-Fi/BLE with Temperature Sensor and Probe


AiRISTA offers a Software Tag (the AiRISTA Soft-Tag) that can be installed in smart devices for special applications. Contact AiRISTA to learn more, 1-844-816-7127.

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