Sofia allows integration with your organization's existing network management system to leverage mapping, zoning, infrastructure, and data streams for location and tracking. Such networks include Juniper Mist and CISCO's CMX, Spaces, and Meraki. 

This section helps you integrate your Juniper Mist site maps with sofia. The maps will come across into sofia complete with designated zones and access points (infrastructure). After Mist integration, you will be able to leverage the site maps and deploy and assign tags to assets and personnel.

There are three stages to integrate Mist. The first two are done within Mist:



  • See Getting Started with Sofia to deploy the RTLS for your organization. Getting Started covers everything from adding users to assigning tags to persons and assets, rule creation, and event management.
  •  To view or download the Mist integration instructions as a single PDF document, click the link below.
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