Part I: Create an API Token for Sofia


This procedure assumes that Juniper Mist is installed in your network and that you are subscribed to Mist's Asset Visibility.


  1. Log in to Mist as administrator.
  2. Select Organization > Settings to display the Organizations Setting screen.

  3. Scroll down to the panel labeled API Token and click Create Token to display the Create Token window.


    At the Create Token window:
    • Enter a name for the new token. (AiRISTA or Sofia are suitable names.)
    • Ensure that Super User is selected as the Access Level.
    • Select All Sites under Site Access.
    After making above selections, the Generate button becomes enabled.

  4. Click Generate in the Create Token window. Then, when the key is visible, click the copy key button to save the key in the clipboard.



    If you plan to complete the integration later, paste the API token in a file you can easily locate when you need it.

  5. Click Done to dismiss the Create Token window. (You will paste the key, the API token, in sofia in the last stage of the integration.)

After dismissing the window, the API Token panel will show the newly added token. For example:


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