Programming and Configuration

Use the AiRISTA Tag Activator to program and configure the G3 gateway.


Changing the G3’s attributes incorrectly may adversely affect performance. Therefore, contact AiRISTA before making tag programming changes.

  1. Complete the initial screen as follows and then click Continue.


    Field Description
    Select the tag type Other
    Select Tag Location Update Method

    Generic Associating Mode (ALP)

  2. Complete the next screen as follows:


    Field Description
    Location Engine Settings
    RTLS Controller IP Address The IP address of the RTLS Controller as you installed it earlier.
    Engine Port Typically 8552
    Maintenance Port Typically 8553
    Location Interval 5 min
    Maintenance Interval 6 h
    WLAN Settings
    SSID (Wi-Fi Network Name) The name you assigned to your Wi-Fi network.
    Security Type WPA-2PSK (AES)
    Security Key

    The security key associated with your Wi-Fi network.


After programming and configuring the G3 gateway, the Tag Activator displays the gateway’s MAC address in a green box at the top-right. 

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