Activation and Deactivation

B4n Activation

  1. Place the tag in the charger or connect it to a USB port (using the B4 charging cable).
  2. Within three seconds, press and release the blue button.

    Each tag signals activation as follows:
    B4n B3
    The tag's display will show ACTIVATED.


    The tag’s top-right LED will blink green 8 times.

    B3 activation success.jpg


    • If the B4n tag does not get activated, the display will show FAILED.
    • If the B3 tag does not get activated, the top-right LED will blink red 8 times.
    • When activation fails, re-start the activation process.

    If the tag does not activate, the display will show FAILED. If this happens, repeat the activation steps.

B4n and B3 Deactivation

  1. If the tag is connected to a charge source, disconnect it.
  2. Wait 1 or 2 seconds for the charging LED to turn off (at the tag's top-right corner).
  3. Reconnect the tag to the charge source and wait for the charge LED to light up.


    The charging LED may appear green or red, depending on the current charge level.

  4. Press and hold the blue button.

    The LED on the left side (facing the tag) will blink orange. If the tag has sound enabled, you will also hear a beep.
  5. Keep holding the blue button.

    After 3 more seconds, the B4n display will show DEACTIVATE. The B3 LED on the top-right will flash red and green 3 times.
  6. Release the button.

The tag should now be deactivated, and the tag will shut down momentarily.

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