This section helps you set up your tags for network operation in mixed mode, where:

  • Blink (or Cisco Compatibility Extension, CCX) conveys location.


  • ALP (AiRISTA Location Protocol) handles button-pushes, rule-related events, and general tag maintenance.


To view, download, or print a PDF of setting up tags in mixed mode, click the link at the bottom of this article.


For wide compatibility with network infrastructure, sofia uses ALP to relay location and tag maintenance in a single stream. But your specific needs may require Blink to convey location. In this case, your tags must operate in mixed mode, where a second stream uses ALP solely to transport push-button, events, and tag maintenance data. Sofia then joins the two streams to maintain their tag association and data integrity for reporting functions.

In Blink mode, tags connect to the network only to send location updates, thus extending battery life.


The instructions in this section assume that you have already activated your tags and associated them with your network. (See the Tag Activator 5 User Guide.)

Verified Infrastructure for Mixed Mode

AiRISTA has tested and validated mixed-mode operation for the following infrastructure manufacturers who use Blink mode:

  • Aerohive
  • Aruba
  • Cisco (CCX)
  • Meraki
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