Create a CMX Northbound Connection to Sofia for Non-Calibrated Maps

Follow this procedure if:

  • Your network uses CCX (Cisco Compatibility Extension) and Cisco CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences).

  • Your site map is non-calibrated.


You should have administrator access to the CMX console in your network.


If your network uses:


  1. Point your browser to the IP or DNS name of the CMX console and log in to display the home screen. For example:

    Login to CMX and Hm Pg.jpg
  2. Click MANAGE > Notifications to display the Notifications screen.

    Manage_Notifications S.jpg
  3. Click + New Notification to display the CREATE NEW NOTIFICATION window.

    New Notification W.jpg
  4. Complete the window as follows and then click Create:
    Field Enter
    Name The name you wish to assign to the new northbound connection. For example, Sofia.
    Type Select Location Update from the drop-down options.

    Select RFID Tag from the drop-down options.

    Note: If you’re tracking other devices besides the tags, select All.

    Leave http as the protocol. Then complete the other fields for this entry:

    • Protocol: The default is http. If you use a secured connection, select https from the drop-down.
    • host address: The IP address of the sofia server.
    • port no.: The default is 80. But if you’re using https as the protocol, the port number should be 443.
    • url: Enter the address that points to your sofia Domain Name Server.
    MAC Hashing Select OFF.
  5. After saving the values in the window, verify that the status for the new notification entry is Enabled. For example:

    Enabled Notification.jpg

    You may now log out of CMX.
  6. In sofia, set up CMX integration as follows:
    1. At the sofia Home page, click Maps to display the sites page, which will be blank at this point.

      Sofia Tag Config S1.png

    2. Click Edit to display new buttons for Add Site and Integrations (on the left and right side, respectively).

      CMX Integration.png

    3. Complete the panel as follows and click Next when finished.
      Field Enter
      IP Address The IP address of the CMX server.
      Type Select Location Update from the drop-down options.
      Username The authorized username to allow a connection to the CMX server.

      The password to allow a connection to the CMX server.

    4. In the second step in the panel, select the sites, buildings, and floorplans that you wish to bring into sofia.

After making your selections, and clicking SUBMIT, sofia displays the Maps screen with the newly added map or maps. You may now continue to Create a Configuration and Update the Tags of Interest in Sofia to complete the mixed-mode setup.

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