Set Up a Northbound Notification Listener

Follow this procedure to set up the Vision ARC Controller to receive location data if your network uses these CMX versions:

  • 10.6.2 or lower
  • 10.6.3 or higher but only if you have the CMX Advanced License


  • If your network uses CMX 10.6.3 or higher, but you do not have the CMX Advanced license, proceed to Set Up Controller Polling and SNMP.
  • If you've acquired the CMX Advanced license from Cisco, be sure that you have added it in the CISCO CMX console. To check, log in to your CMX console. Then select Manage > Licenses. You should see an entry for CMX Advanced / Cisco DNA Spaces ACT or EXTEND as shown below:

    CMX Licenses screen.jpg

If the CMX Advanced license is in place, continue with this procedure.


  1. Locate and run the app configutil.exe in the sofia server.


    Note: The default location is
    C:\Program Files\AiRISTA Flow\Sofia AiRISTA Flow RTLS Controller\bin
    but the path for your server will vary depending on your sofia installation.

  2. At the User Account Control window, click Yes to continue to the app.

    User Acct Ctrl Win.jpg
  3. At the Configuration Options window, check Blink Mode Support under Optional Features and click Next.

  4. At the Blink Mode Support screen, select Cisco Systems and click Next.

  5. At the Cisco Positioning Listener screen, select Northbound Notification Listener and click Configure CMX.

  6. At the Cisco CMX Northbound Notification window, complete the fields as follows and click Next.


    Field Enter
    ARC Host IP The IP location of the Vision ARC Controller.
    CMX Host IP The IP location of CMX.
    CMX User Name The user’s name to access the CMX console. This should be an Administrator user name.
    CMX User Password

    The user’s name to access the CMX console. This should be an Administrator user password.

    ARC Listener A descriptive name to identify the northbound listener you’re creating.

    After clicking Next, you will see a command screen verifying the northbound listener connection to CMX. Then the Cisco Positioning Listener screen is redisplayed.

  7. Click Apply in the Cisco Positioning Listener screen.
    There is a brief reset time when the ARC Controller and Vision are down until the service has restarted.


You are now finished setting up the northbound listener for CMX versions 10.6.2 (and below), or 10.6.3 (and above, with the Advanced license is installed).

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