What is the AiRISTA Flow RTLS Database Restore procedure?

AiRISTA Flow RTLS databases are restored from .DUMP files generated during the backup process. Please note that the backup procedure must be run to create a database .DUMP file in order to enable a restore to take place. There is no automatic recovery of data in the ARC database.

1)      Log in locally to the ARC server with an account that has Administrative rights

2)      Click on the start menu (lower left hand corner) button

3)      Click on “All Programs”

4)      Click on the “ AiRISTA Flow” folder

5)      Click on the  “AiRISTA RTLS Controller” folder

6)      Click on the “Configuration Utility”

7)      Place a check in the Database Management” box and hit next

8)      Place a check in the “Restore database from file” and browse to the location where your .DUMP file is saved.

 Click Apply to restore the Database. The length of time it takes to restore the DB will depend on the size of the .DUMP file and your server hardware. In some cases it may take over 30 minutes to complete. Once completed it may take additional time for the web services to respond and allow you to log in to the ARC. 

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