A4 Tag Default Configuration

A4 tags are optimized for asset tracking which means they should maximize battery life and provide last-known location for an assigned asset. As with all AiRISTA Flow tags, the A4 should always be assigned a default configuration via the AiRISTA Flow RTLS Controller (ARC). AiRISTA Flow's recommended best practices are below. Should you choose to modify these settings you must bear the responsibility of testing to ensure that resulting battery life meets your use case.  

  • A4 configurations should leverage blink mode or CCX to maximize tag battery life.
  • Minimize the use of the motion sensor. In-motion is not recommended for the A4 tag due to the potential impact on battery life.
  • If motion is to be used we recommend the use of the "aftermotion" setting with a sufficient delay of 30 seconds or longer.
  • ELP mode is not recommended for the A4 tag.
  • IR should be enabled only if Location beacons are deployed and added to the ESX model file.*

A tag using the following settings will leverage blink mode + IR and update it's location 30 seconds after moving. If the asset does not move the tag will "check in" automatically every hour and check for configuration or firmware updates once per day.

Parameter Setting
Scan Mode  AiRISTA Flow Blink mode or CCX mode
Location Update Interval 1 hour
Maintenance Interval 1 day or 1 week
Motion Sensor Profile 3
Motion method Aftermotion (only)
Motion Update Interval 30 seconds
Motion Stagnant Disabled
Location Beacon Sensor IR Mode (Enabled)*
Initial Scan Count 3
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