B4 Tag Default Configuration

B4 tags are optimized for near real-time tracking of people for use cases related to staff safety. B4 tags can also be used for sending and/or receiving text messages via the WiFi network. In order to effectively leverage messaging, B4 tags should typically be programmed for ELP mode to update every 5 - 10 seconds. Blink mode may also be used in cases where messaging is not required and an approved WLAN infrastructure is in place. B4s also utilize "active mode" IR to provide instant location updates when in the presence of an AiRISTA Flow Location Beacon.  

General best practices for configuring the B4 also include:

  • Silencing tags when in a charger to prevent alarm fatigue.
  • Removing the "enable silent mode" option from the default menu to prevent users from silencing their tags.
  • Utilizing a fast periodic update rather than motion sensor.
  • Leveraging "active mode" IR sensor so the tag will automatically update it's location immediately any time a location beacon is detected.
  • Clearing messages after charging.
  • Safety Switch + Confirm is optional and helps prevent unintentional alarms by requiring that the user press the Menu button after pulling the safety switch.

In all cases the B4 tag should have a default configuration set in the ARC based on the parameters below. In addition, it is very important for the site to adopt policies to ensure that tags are fully charged when assigned and that periodic testing is done to ensure that the system is fully functional.

Parameter Setting
Scan Mode ELP
Location Update 5 - 10 seconds
Maintenance  1 day or 1 week
Motion Sensor Disabled
Safety Switch + Confirm Optional
Tag Sound Off in Charger
Remove Silent Mode Enabled
Location Beacon Sensor Active Mode
Charging Sleep Mode  Optional 
Initial Scan Count 3
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