What is the AiRISTA Flow RTLS Controller DB Backup Procedure?

Database backups can be conducted manually or automatically as part of an upgrade. This article outlines the manual backup procedure which can also be scripted to run automatically as a Windows task. Please note that there is no native automatic backup function in ARC. In all cases, AiRISTA Flow recommends conducting weekly or monthly backups of the ARC database. We also recommend that a manual backup be conducted prior to an ARC software upgrade.

1)      Log in locally to the ARC server with an account that holds Administrative rights.

2)      Click on the start button(lower left corner)

3)      Click on “All Programs”

4)      Click on the “ AiRISTA Flow” Folder

5)      Click on the “ AiRISTA RTLS Controller” folder

6)      Click on the “Configuration Utility”

7)      Place a check in the “Database Management” box and hit next 

8)      Place a check mark in the “Backup database current state to a file:” and you can map the back up to the location you desire, then hit apply. This location may be local or a mapped/shared drive on your network.   

Note: Stopping services is not necessary during a DB backup. If you prefer to keep you ARC online leave this option unchecked. Vacuuming the database is an option to compact and optimize the contents of the database during backup. It is recommended that this be conducted on a monthly basis but is not a requirement for a successful backup to take place. Selecting this option will add additional time to the backup procedure depending on the size of your database.

This will run the backup procedure and create the corresponding .DUMP file in the location specified.


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