Why am I getting the an error in ARC saying RSSI queue is full?

Q: Why am I getting the following error in ARC

2013-05-24 16:30:47,650 WARN ElpWorkerThread-3 service.eng RSSI queue is full. Signals dropped. MAC 00:01:3E:11:D0:3C

A: Having a handful of dropped packets is not a major issue and is normal. Packet queues are prioritized in an order of importance. Which means that if a tag management packet is sent or a tag ”alert” is sent, this packet is given priority.

If log files continuously demonstrate the error it would indicate insufficient memory (RAM) and/or CPU resources on the server where the RTLS controller is deployed. Packets get dropped when processing queues fill up faster than the CPU is able to process.  When a packet gets dropped, it means the server is not giving enough CPU time for ARC to process. First check to see how much memory was allocated to the ARC during installation from the ARC Configuration Utility. Consult the RTLS System Requirement document for recommended RAM allocation. Note that allocation of too little or too much memory can slow performance. Too much memory allocation may cause delays due to Java garbage collection processes, so be sure to allocate memory correctly.

The ‘RSSI queue is full’ message indicates there is too much load and therefore ARC cannot handle incoming RSSI results. More resources are needed to be freed from the server for the ARC to process the RSSI information.

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